Flow of Renovation

Details below will explain regarding the flow of the renovation process. Kindly read the whole flow so that you can fully understand our procedure to prevent misunderstanding throughout our engagement. We are glad to help you. Looking forward for our engagement!

1 Contact us for consultation

Before using our service, kindly contact us first. This is important to let us understand your concerns before help you out for renovation.

2 Visit to your house

After we fully understand you need, we will come to your house for a site visit. We will discuss in details and if you have any concern regarding the renovations, you may ask us directly.

3 Propose renovation plan

Next, we will suggest the best renovation plans according to what we have discuss during the site visit. The plan will include estimated cost and all item needed for renovation will be listed clearly.

4 Start the renovation

Once you agree with our proposed plan, we will start the renovation immediately. We will make sure that our work will be done smoothly and satisfy your concerns.

5 Delivery with warranty

Once the renovation complete, we will deliver the completion along with warranty for the renovation.